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    From PHN 60 to PHN 90, from PHN 90 to 150, 400, 800, or even 1000L, 3000L... Where there is a demand, there is our presence. It is not unexpected. As long as you dare to think, we will dare to give you solutions!

    In nonferrous metal mines (iron ore, lead and zinc ore, copper ore, etc.), Pyler is the first Chinese enterprise to apply 3000L and 6000L super large horizontal sand mills;

    At the same time, nearly 200 sets of 1000L sand mills have been used;

    It also has rich experience in equipment application in the lithium battery material industry, with more than 30 successful overall solution cases.

    Based on 1000L, 3000L and 6000L sand mill

    The use experience and experience of Pyler in the market

    The cathode material lithium iron phosphate is developed under demand

    New grinding technology in pool industry: PHN 1000.

    PUHLER Grinding systens