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    PTP – Vacuum Deaerator for universal use

    The PTP from PUHLER is a continuous vacuum deaeration system for deaerating products of a liquid, semi-liquid or pasty consistency. It is used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries as well as in food production. It usually forms the first unit of a filling line or the last unit of a production line. The PTP is available in six versions which each differ in terms of their useful volume or kW power rating.

    Deaeration of the highest standard
    The PTP contributes towards quality assurance and production optimization in many sectors — in the manufacture of paints and lacquers in the chemical industry as well as the production of ointments, gels, lotions and creams in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics area or in the preparation of sandwich spreads, mustard or mayonnaise in the food sector. As well as requiring minimum monitoring and being easy to use, it is maintenance-friendly and easy to clean, offers various automation levels and its exchangeable filter geometry allows it to be tailored to the particular product to be processed. The VE is also totally CIP compatible.

    Your benefits at a glance:
    Prevention of oxidative effects such as discolouration or changes in smell and taste, particularly in the case of fats and oils (e.g. rancidity)
    Consistently smooth, foam-free and shiny surface for the product
    Increase in long-term stability (chemical stability and shelf life)
    Optimal adaptation to the particular product
    Increase in dosing accuracy in downstream filling systems
    Reduction of packaging volume through increased specific gravity

    Any more questions? We will be happy to help you!
    You can find further details on how the system works, its areas of application, technical specifications and deployment options in our brochure. If you have a specific enquiry, are looking for advice or simply want direct contact, we will be happy to assist you at all times.

    How it works
    The product is spread as a thin layer on a spinning disc via a valve. The centrifugal force slings it through a filter cap onto the inner wall of the container, which is under. Air or gas pockets are released in the process and can be drawn off by the vacuum pump. A discharge pump carries the deaerated product to the next machine in the production line.
    Standard design
    Vacuum container with safety device
    Thin layer distributor with filter cap
    Powerful vacuum system
    Discharge pump
    Operator-friendly control

    Riser pipe for heavily foaming products
    Double and insulating jacket
    CIP cleaning system
    Automatic level control
    Lifting system for opening the container
    Various filter caps
    Further options on request

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